16th May 2018, 7:30am (Kangar, Perlis)


Statement by Madam Norhayati Mohd Ariffin, wife of Mr. Amri Che Mat


On the night of 24th November 2016, my husband Amri Che Mat left our home in Kangar, Perlis to meet a friend. He never arrived at his destination. That was the last time Amri Che Mat was seen by his family. Amri, a social activist and forex trader, is the founder of charity-focused NGO Perlis Hope. He was 43 at the time of his disappearance. Amri is believed to have been abducted by a group of persons in 4WD vehicles that were seen surrounding his car in Kampung Padang Behor before midnight on 24th November, according to the testimony of an eyewitness at the SUHAKAM Inquiry into my his disappearance. The car my husband was driving that night was found soon after abandoned in a suspicious state at a construction site near Padang Besar in Kangar. Since then, the police investigating Amri’s case have claimed that there have been no significant developments in investigations. In March 2017, the investigating officer had even claimed that he was ordered to cease investigations and to hand over the case to Bukit Aman (PDRM headquarters).


On the night of 12th May 2018, my daughter and I received information of a disturbing nature from a police officer who came to my house in Kangar. This officer showed me his identity card and police card when I asked for verification. This police officer, who had asked to not be named, told us that he knew who had taken my husband Amri. This policeman alleged that my husband was taken by a team of policemen from Bukit Aman. He named DCP Dato’ Awaludin Jadid, who is Bukit Aman Special Branch’s Social Extremism Division (E2) principal assistant director as the person who headed this operation. When I asked him why Amri was taken, he alleged it was because of “Syiah” and “Forex”.


He alleged that even before Amri’s disappearance, a police team in Perlis conducted surveillance on him. This team was headed by Special Branch officer ASP Razman Ramli, who allegedly sent this surveillance information to Bukit Aman Special Branch.


This officer alleged that the Bukit Aman “team” that took Amri was also the same “team” that took Pastor Raymond Koh on 13th February 2017. When I asked him why, he alleged that it was because allegedly Pastor Raymond proselytized Muslims.


On 15th May 2018, I lodged a police report and recorded a statement about this at Ibu Pejabat Daerah (IPD) Shah Alam. I have disclosed to the police more details about other officers mentioned, including the name of this police informer.


I urge the police to investigate these serious allegations with urgency and to find my husband Amri Che Mat and also Pastor Raymond Koh and return them to their loved ones immediately.


I also urge the police to cooperate with the investigation being conducted by SUHAKAM and to be more forthcoming with the truth about the Amri Che Mat case at this ongoing inquiry.


Issued on behalf of Norhayati Mohd Ariffin:
Sheryll Stothard